I just got our family pictures back and they are perfect!!! Marie-Eve you have a wonderful personality and your eye for details sets you apart from the rest. A BIG THANKS for making my parents Christmas gift a success!!!

L. Lafleche,

Last fall I decided I wanted some portraits of my 2 boys and our dog. Despite having a photography background myself, I decided the task was better served by someone else. I turned to Marie-Eve. My boys were 10 and 12 years old and quite... let’s say “active” . Mix in an uncooperative dog and I thought we would just see how it goes. Marie-Eve was able to get some great shots with a mixture of fun and discipline. She knew how to give them enough freedom to let their personalities show but also knew when to calm them down and be serious. Everyone LOVES the pictures she took and often remark on how their true selves show through. I know I will cherish these shots forever. When my in-laws were looking for portraits, they came straight to me to ask for the photographer who did the fantastic pictures of the boys! I’m sure we’ll be seeing Marie-Eve many times in the future as our family grows!


Thanks so much! The photos are precious & beautiful, a wonderful memory! Thanks again!


My family had I the opportunity to work with Studio Marie-Eve Seguin on my son's first birthday! WOW - what an amazing experience. A cake smash photo shoot was the best way to celebrate Jacob's birthday! The pictures were so perfect, original and worth every penny. Since then, we have visited Studio Marie-Eve Séguin for family and group pictures and are 100% satisfied the outcome. Thanks Marie-Eve for sharing your amazing talent!